If I Had a Dragon

Sometimes I wish I had dragons like Daenerys Stormborn (Game of Thrones reference). I would only use them for just ends, I swear. Okay, occasionally she errs on the side of justice, and compassion falls by the wayside. I’d be on my guard so this would’t happen to me. No heads on stakes, I swear. […]

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July 7th, 2014 by Wanda

I Will Not Give Her a Weapon

I like words. I like to write. At first, I didn’t defend myself because stirring the pot could upset custody issues and take the focus off of the important things. I didn’t want to turn into Jerry Springer. So I said nothing. It cost me dearly. I’m not the kind of person who spouts off […]

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June 10th, 2014 by Wanda

Alimony Laws are Sexist

Compare these two cases side by side: 1) A man is married to a female physician for over a decade. He does some coaching and consulting, but is largely a stay-at-home dad. His youngest is about to go off to college. He and his wife go through a tumultuous no-fault divorce. After several years of […]

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May 5th, 2014 by Wanda

The Day in Court

Wordsworth wrote that poetry is “the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin fromĀ emotion recollected in tranquility.” Been waiting for tranquility in order to write eloquently about the day in court, but it’s not forthcoming. Long story short, the cougar ex-wife showed up with a sack and ashes routine. No highlights, hair cut […]

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May 1st, 2014 by Wanda

Disturbance in the Forcefield: Or Why I Hate Facebook

Everything comes full circle. So when this circus began, the ex went on Facebook and said nasty things about me. Friends rallied. Then she took them down. That was the fall of 2010. Last week, she created one of those fund-raising web-sites, which she linked to her Facebook page with pictures of her children 10 […]

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February 26th, 2014 by Wanda


This is poison soup to kill the bad witches she said. How can you tell the difference? I asked. O, good witches are very polite & say no thank you. Bad witches just die. –Brian Andreas   So bad witches are greedy. True enough. And maybe the good witches are a bit more perceptive? And […]

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January 2nd, 2014 by Wanda

A Shout-out to All Witches

So, here’s a belated Halloween shout-out to all witches. I have over the past few years gained a new appreciation for all women in various times and places who have been called witches, or the equivalent thereof, because they had a particular skill set others envied, were smart, maybe clever or wise, or, heaven forbid, […]

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November 4th, 2013 by Wanda

My Family and the Root of Loving-kindness

It’s really very simple, but not at all common. As I stood in the midst of aunts and uncles, cousins and their children, my parents, a great uncle, and my grandparents, it struck me how imminently kind my family is. Ranging in age from 2 to 90, we live in different parts of the country, […]

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October 30th, 2013 by Wanda

Justice Compassion Justice: The Dalai Lama and a Little Bit of Durga

This has been a strange couple of weeks–last week’s visit to hear the Dalai Lama speak sandwiched between two courtroom appearances–although the Dalai Lama is less like lunchmeat and more like some kind of exquisite ice cream holding together two chocolate wafers. What a quirky little man. And yet, he is a force. The more […]

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October 13th, 2013 by Wanda


Sometimes justice comes in the form of not losing. It can be more gratifying than you think. When you wait for a hearing to happen for a year and a half, and your opponent doesn’t come away with what they want, it’s a win. At the end of the summer, we took the kids and […]

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October 1st, 2013 by Wanda