If I Had a Dragon

Sometimes I wish I had dragons like Daenerys Stormborn (Game of Thrones reference). I would only use them for just ends, I swear. Okay, occasionally she errs on the side of justice, and compassion falls by the wayside. I’d be on my guard so this would’t happen to me. No heads on stakes, I swear. After all, that’s revenge, not justice. It would just be so great to have dragons. Spoiler alert–in the last episode she had to shackle them, because their voracious feeding habits have begun to do harm to innocent villagers as the fiery reptiles plunge down from the sky and get a snack.

Tomorrow is the motion to reconsider. Up to this point, our drastic change in circumstances has been ignored. If I could pair it all down to one grievance, it would be this. The law owes us this. If the bald fact that we cannot pay such a large percentage of our income goes unheard, we will have no choice but to try yet another channel.

Send us some good juju, reader, please. It couldn’t hurt.


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  1. PhiloPsycho says:

    Fingers crossed, wood knocked on, etc.! It’s a shame that this is what you’re left with-cosmic justice :/

    • Wanda says:

      Lol. You are so right. That’s why we can only continue to do what’s right but let go of the outcome in a certain way, and then do what’s right again. Cosmic justice–well said!

  2. PhiloPsycho says:

    May the Force of cosmic justice be with you in the New Year. -N.

    • Wanda says:

      LOL. Thank you! Listen for radio ads at the beginning of January. You may also notice a few billboards around town. The forces are gathering. . .

      • PhiloPsycho says:

        I was looking through new bills that will be addressed soon in the legislature and I was reading a draft about alimony reform! Exciting :)

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