Final Hearing but Not Really

Without getting into it–because I am exhausted in a weird out-of-body kind of way–the final hearing wasn’t final.

The good news: 1) her new lawyer seemed reasonable and smart. 2) ours is also reasonable and did a good job. 3) custody is set.

The bad: 1) the temporary order, which no one could find until after the hearing was over, is screwy and does not reflect what the judge ordered at the temporary hearing. 2) the judge from today’s hearing may rule tomorrow, but we don’t know what he will say, or if he will actually rule; he may allow for discovery, even though that period is over, and we will have to go from there. OMG



ps. Highlight of the hearing–the plaintiff found online where the defendant (my husband) is making between 1 million and 5 million dollars, she said. She found this last week. Uh huh. . .



  1. PhiloPsycho says:

    When this is all over, she deserves a big bill for the defendant’s attorney’s fees. Instant karma. BOOM.

    I hope that tomorrow is the final chapter on this battle. You could write a sequel to The Art of War:- The Art of War: Domestic Relations!

  2. jennifer says:

    which internet was she searching on… – land of make believe princes and princess … and make believe pay raises… sorry life is not a fairy tale and she will not be allowed to play the evil queen much longer…

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