Being a Stepmom Mostly Sucks

First of all, you suffer the brunt of all attacks but are not allowed to defend yourself or even be a proactive part of the process. Lawyers remind you you are not the client and treat you like you are too stupid to understand the process and the pacing of these things. What I understand is that we have spent tens of thousands of dollars we don’t have and that I am not the dumbest person in the room.

I text the psychologist just to let her know that my husband’s phone isn’t working. Again, I’m outside the circle of people who are allowed to be conversing. No response. Fine, just do a good job and help us. Please. Somebody.

Two years of this. Two years. Sorry, no lofty philosophy today. Being a stepmom mostly sucks. No one’s thanking you for it. No one thinks you are a stable influence versus all that crazy. No one cares that you can actually cook, hold down a job, worry about lunches, practices, and performances. That’s the story of my life. Of course she’s got it together. It’s easy for her.



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