Yoga Cat

Yoga Cat

Yoga cat lounges in her favorite parking space,

catfully disdainful, of course.

But there is “cat pose”

so why the attitude?


Okay, we don’t do it as much

as we do down-dog,

shoulder blades squeezing, hips

to the ceiling push your thighs back. . .


But we do do “cat pose,”


However, this cat does savanasa,

a kind of one-upsmanship.


I didn’t tell her that it was

the ugliest savasana

I have ever seen,

because we don’t judge in yoga.


Her asana was so ugly (or so good),

I thought she was dead

in the middle

of the parking lot.


But yoga cat just comes out

from under my car and says—

why do you have to be so intentional

about stretching and relaxing?


That’s just sad people.


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