The Interminable Law Suit: Will It Ever Be Over?

We all know that lawsuits, like house renovations, drag on outrageously long, causing the parties involved financial and emotional distress. But I have reached a point where I truly do not understand why this has not been resolved. When I do not understand something, I seek the wisdom of others. I have exhausted the conventional resources. Neither my mother, my sister, nor my friends understand at this juncture why we are in a holding pattern, when it is causing so much pain to everyone involved. I turn, then, to unconventional sources of advice:

Meditation: In meditation I think I received the answer that the threat is essentially over. That there really is no battle there anymore.

Tarot Card Reading: The tarot card reader said the hang-up is emotional, not material. When those issues are resolved, the law suit will be over. The end result will be fine.

The Yoga Sutras: “When transgressions hinder, the weight of the imagination should be thrown on the other side.” In other words, we lend negative entities and negative behavior momentum they otherwise wouldn’t have when we give negativity our attention. We should, instead, formulate our intentions and desires in the positive, so that the good comes to fruition. So, instead of asking, “How can I defeat my enemy?” maybe I should be asking, “What specific good act can I complete that will counter the enmity?” For god’s sake, I’m not talking about smoking a peace-pipe at this juncture–I tried that, you can’t reason with crazy–but shifting all emphasis radically to the positive and not feeding the negative at all. Marianne Williamson writes in A Return to Love, “If you want to end darkness, you cannot beat it with a baseball bat, you have to turn on a light.” We volunteered. I’ve tried to teach well. I’ve tried acts of kindness along the way (you can always do more). I’ve tried loving my family members even through her presence, which they bring into my house.

The overall take away from the unconventional sources (next I’ll try scrying and tea leaf reading) is that I’m trying too hard to make something go away  that is essentially over. But until we are not paying what we cannot afford and until there is a legal document that sets some basic guidelines, how are we to move on with any sense of certainty or safety? I know there is no piece of paper official enough to control my husband’s ex-wife’s behavior, but we deserve closure from an attack launched 16 months ago.



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