Crocodile Tears: A New Game for Second Wives

One of my earlier posts (“The End of Alimony”) referenced an article in Time Magazine concerning the growth of a movement in the United States to revisit alimony laws which put ex-husbands at a financial disadvantage. The burden of paying alimony to an ex-wife can be too great or for too long. So-called second wives […]

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July 29th, 2013 by Wanda

Your Enemy, Your Teacher

There is a fine line between vigilance and paranoia. A poem by the German-speaking poet Rainer Maria Rilke depicts that best. The narrator is describing Orpheus’ journey into Hades to retrieve Eurydice: In front the slender man in the blue mantle,/ who mutely and impatiently looked straight ahead./ Without chewing his stride ate the road/ […]

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July 18th, 2013 by Wanda

Zombies, Witches, and Vampires: What Ex-wives and the Undead Have in Common

Recently, my husband’s ex-wife filed a complaint–she only received $3,200.00 in support money last month. She has been wronged. (She does not understand that the child-support, unlike the alimony, is not for her but for the children, but never mind. . . ) Branded a witch, I have stuck to the traditional methods of combat. […]

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July 9th, 2013 by Wanda